January 6, 2014


    YES, IT"S REAL!!!

    Tattoo took place on Oct 26th 2013 in Pensacola FL. There were two other resistance agents at the tattoo shop for a key drop but they did not know what I was up too. The font is CODA, the ink is clear in normal light and white/blue in UV light. The faint outline of the key seen in normal light is fading more and more every week, as does the pinkish outline of any normal scar, and should eventually be completely invisible or close to it.

     The pics are not doctored in any way! Unfortunately, camera phones were never designed to take good UV pictures even after trying several! Maybe that is something +Zeke Cao   and his fancy camera could help me with?  

To the haters:  F#*!CK OFF!!!
     People are gonna hate!  I am not bothering anyone with my tattoo. If the game ends 2 years from now...  who cares!!!  the tattoo I have will still represent the same things. I love this game and the people I have come to meet through it. I have met some of the most interesting and intellectual people and some of the not so much!!  LOL

     Special thanks to agent "TechManJoe", (+Joe Theroux  ) and agent "OreoRocks", (+Kea Theroux  ). They were highly influential in this story line and their secrecy is much appreciated while the tattoo healed!!

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