January 24, 2014

Field of Giant Corn Ears

This Field of Giant Corn Ears is located in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. It's not a memorial to all the corn Ohio has eaten, rather, it's honoring Sam Frantz, an inventor of a corn hybrid that helped grow a hardier, tastier corn. The 109 cobs of concrete are tall and imposing.  #ingress #ingressPortal

The world's first nuclear reaction

"Site A is where the first nuclear reactor CP-1 was rebuilt as CP-2. Another reactor, CP-3 was built next to it and is the first heavy water modulated reactor—the earliest version of todays modern nuclear reactors. Plot M is in the same area and was used for burning low level radioactive waste—probably stuff like test animal remains and protective bunny suits.  #Ingress #IngressPortals

The climbability of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein memorial by Robert Berks at the National Academy of Sciences in DC. Instead of a stodgy statue like so many other famous figures, I kinda like the fact that you can cuddle up on Einstein's lap and have him read from one of the papers in his hand on the photoelectric effect, the theory of general relativity, and the equivalence of energy and matter.

Chicago Fountain of waste

Chicago Fountain of waste An East Village artwork lifts a leg in a humorous salute to dogs  Shit Fountain was installed in July in front of a residence at 1001 North Wolcott Avenue at Augusta. Atop a three-foot-high column of concrete and sandstone sits a coiled mound of bronze immediately recognizable as a pile of dog crap.

January 23, 2014

South pole enlightened

Chris HadfieldYesterday 5:28 PM
Good morning! An unusual perspective on Earth's aurora - the Southern Lights, full circle over Antarctica.

Resistance home world

Paul Meulman

Yesterday 9:42 PM

Resistance flyer

Colby Carey

Enlightend flyer

Colby Carey

Resistance agents braking EL links

Bea KayYesterday 5:16 PM
Resistance agents braking EL links :) +Ingress +Niantic Project +NIA Ops +Joe Philley +Nikolas Moore +Nihal Mirpuri

January 12, 2014

Vegas Resistance

William Olsen originally shared:

When the Vegas Resistance go out to build a farm, there's always a Mascot. :-)

#Vegasresistance #smurf #ingress #ingressresistance +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Ingress 

Swag Pile

B. WilliamsYesterday 11:10 PM
So here is my swag pile, including today's fangasm.  #ingress #swag

Firing some XMP'

Simon Handschin originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

Firing some XMP's...

Oldest source I found:

----------- And an hour later :)

Jeff LockeYesterday 9:44 PM
It's been an hour, had to do it

January 11, 2014

Eyes wide open.

Raphael Cornuz2:46 AM
Late drawing..
#Ingress #Enlightened #Rough 

Eyes wide open.
Embrace the through.
Be enlightened.

My little ingress

Александр Березовский originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

New year Resistance and Enlightened operation! Sanoff, ror191505, artemium, DrTechno, Oper, HEXPNCTb, Ozborn, sergakaibis, L0ckD0g, privetloh, MinoSius, Regedi, Eugene1402. Happy New Year form Kharkiv, Ukraine!

January 10, 2014

xmp Burst from orbit?

#ingress #ingressart

special achievement

Alexa Mayer originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

Here's a special achievement for all my fellow lady Ingressors!

January 9, 2014

The Ingress Evolution

Cosimo De Mitri10:56 AM
The Ingress Evolution

resistance recruit ?

is this the kind of recruit's the resistance has?

January 8, 2014


Ilona Mrozowska

Yesterday 8:37 AM

Free your mind

Leonard LowYesterday 6:16 AM
Sneak preview of many more to come... :)


NIA OpsYesterday 6:01 PM
Portal of the Week

Lat/long: 49.485619,8.490296,8.489852&z=18&pll=49.485619,8.490296

Happy New Year to all! A big "Thank you" to everyone who's been posting to the Portal Appeals community and/or with #PortalAppeals. We appreciate your dedication to ensuring high Portal quality.

a Summer of Ingress

Karen BrownYesterday 9:51 PM
Had a bit of fun over my summer break, and with Publisher when I got home. Hopefully didn't leave anyone out.

3Doodler logo

Volta originally shared:

+3Doodler meets +Ingress

A while back, +Eastern Massachusetts Resistance Agent WorldWideWoogie made a nice logo for us. Everyone liked it, so we had some stickers printed. A little over a week ago my #3doodlerarrived, and tonight I had a bit of free time to play with it. This guy, "inspired" by (read: blatantly copied from) Woogie's art, was the result.

Supplies used:
2 strands "Grand Bleu" ABS (key)
3 strands "Lagoon Blue" ABS (dragon)
~6cm "Highlighter Orange" ABS (flame, eye)

With more practice I could probably get that down to 1 strand for the key, and two for the Dragon, there were a bunch of places where I used a lot more plastic than was probably necessary for support. The Dragon is quite thick as a result, which is a nice effect but not terribly efficient use of plastic. 

Resistnace Car

January 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy

Darren Mathers originally shared:

Best birthday present ever? An ingress coupon from Charlotte (note I only get 6 hacks worth)



Recharge our Resonators.

Jim BollaYesterday 7:11 PM
Looks pretty kickass with Auto-awesome bling. #ingress #resistance

h/t Reddit:

The resistance suite

Laura Manach originally shared:

Tron Suite at Sweden's Ice Hotel


Yaniv Efraim originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

This time the sign is not upside-down.
+Martin Gorecki hope you like it 


Ilona Mrozowska4:31 AM
My rendition of ADA  #ingress #ingressArt


Martin SchmidDec 18, 2013
Last year in december i post this tattoo the 1st time. It start's a flood of comments pro and contra Neck-Tattoos. This is NOT the purpose of this Post. If you like it +1, if u want. You don't like: don't bugging me with hater comments!

Halls of The Enlightened

Scott DetweilerDec 2, 2013
New #ingress artwork, and a bit of a conundrum!

For those of you playing the game I have created an image that probably creates a lot of questions. Why is this resistance operative in the halls of the Enlightened? Is she a captive, or a turncoat? Is there another explanation? Where is this hall and how did she get there? Fodder for fiction! :-)

I wanted to create an image that raises questions on the back story, as in my mind the portals and first encounters probably have a rich history. But, how far back does it go? Could there have been an encounter in the 1700's or perhaps earlier?

#ingressresistance #ingressenlightened

[In The Halls of The Enlightened]

winged sword to bring enlightenment

Basti Hoffmann3:23 PMMay the power of Jarvis be my winged sword to bring enlightenment

Cupcake frog yummy

Monika Tomaszek originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

A year ago, on January 6 thanks to +Anne Beuttenmüller I got my#Ingress invite. This year for my Ingress aniversary I got this huge delicious 'cupcake'! I think you may like it +Joe Philley ;-)

January 6, 2014

portal hound

William Willemstyn


Karin SuckowYesterday 1:56 PM

St. Elmo's fire

Joe Philley
Shared publicly - 3:11 AM

St. Elmo's fire (Seems I'm alway near the enlightened)

Ingress Bar

Abraham IngressYesterday 9:31 PM
Big screen Intel map

Planing New Years

Abraham Ingress originally shared to Ingress (COMM):

For this first week-end of the year the Lausanne resistance invited the Enlightened to meet together and create a crossfaction ingress fieldart.

The idea started few weeks ago when I first draw all the dots for all the portals in our city. Soon it became clear it's impossible to draw a Santa. But writing "2014" is a possible target. (and yes few days after we created the event page, we saw the other 2014 ingress field art in Russia)

We decided to split the 4 numbers in 4 teams.

On Friday when told all agents from both faction to start resetting the city so most of the portals would be neutral for Saturday at 14h.
One enlightened agent started Saturday morning by defining a security perimeter to ensure no ugly green links from some low level agent would cross through the city.

On Saturday at 14h agents from both factions met in a cafe to first drink a beer, meet and get to know the agents we didn't already knew. We then made mixed teams and assigned each team a number.

At around 15h we took our umbrellas and battled the rain to capture and link the portals. Our plan was slowly taking shapes.

Shortly after 17h the last team came back to the Qwertz geek bar (lower left portal of the 1) and we all started taking screenshots and enjoying the big screen Intel map. Some players even had a cheese fondue afterwards :-) Miam.

So a Happy new year 2014 to all Ingress players and keep firing XMP's !!


    YES, IT"S REAL!!!

    Tattoo took place on Oct 26th 2013 in Pensacola FL. There were two other resistance agents at the tattoo shop for a key drop but they did not know what I was up too. The font is CODA, the ink is clear in normal light and white/blue in UV light. The faint outline of the key seen in normal light is fading more and more every week, as does the pinkish outline of any normal scar, and should eventually be completely invisible or close to it.

     The pics are not doctored in any way! Unfortunately, camera phones were never designed to take good UV pictures even after trying several! Maybe that is something +Zeke Cao   and his fancy camera could help me with?  

To the haters:  F#*!CK OFF!!!
     People are gonna hate!  I am not bothering anyone with my tattoo. If the game ends 2 years from now...  who cares!!!  the tattoo I have will still represent the same things. I love this game and the people I have come to meet through it. I have met some of the most interesting and intellectual people and some of the not so much!!  LOL

     Special thanks to agent "TechManJoe", (+Joe Theroux  ) and agent "OreoRocks", (+Kea Theroux  ). They were highly influential in this story line and their secrecy is much appreciated while the tattoo healed!!


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