August 30, 2013

Remove Virus

will this work with the Shaper Virus?

No Enlightened here.

Richard Kimball originally shared to Ingress (Enlightened):

Attention Enlightened Agents,

You have been ADA'ed

Brandon Badger
Shared publicly - Yesterday 10:25 PM

teach, don't yell. :)

August 23, 2013

Lego my portal

3D street art LEGO bridge , Germany

August 22, 2013

Enlightened - Ice Age

Does this mean the enlightened will survive the next ice age?


Brad Tissi
Artwork - Aug 5, 2013

25 badges ready to go for the event in STL. Another 18 enlightened and 12 resistance temp badges were cut and ready for sleeves as well.

Enlightened agent

Sean Anderson
Artwork - Aug 7, 2013

Definitely an Enlightened agent.

Intel Map

Markus W
Artwork - Aug 11, 2013

#Ingress that's it...

level counter

Stefan Bönick
Artwork - Aug 14, 2013

#Ingress level counter.

Each lvlup you can break/cut one piece off.


Aleksei Khilkevich
Artwork - Aug 15, 2013


Smurf in my eye

Jake Apperson
Artwork - Aug 17, 2013

Enlightened wins

James Pinkerton
Artwork - Aug 18, 2013

What the world will look like if the Enlightened wins.


Roman Bobrek
Artwork - Aug 19, 2013

Beware! :))


Aaron Alexander
Artwork - Aug 19, 2013

The +Portal Jackers been Hulkin since Inception!+Chris Como Yours is looking great as well!

Chris Como
Artwork - Aug 19, 2013

That's about right.

Resistance Logo

Scott Manley
Artwork - Aug 19, 2013

This #ingressartwork was made specifically for the#resistance


Sean Haskins
Artwork - Aug 20, 2013

The local Enlightened all gathered to destroy what was left of their city, as the sun began to set. Fully charged phones, backup batteries, and plenty of XMPs, they began walking towards their intended targets. One by


Corina Marinescu originally shared to Mathematics (Videos/Pictures):


Your Face

David Larisch
Artwork - Yesterday 9:32 PM

+Ingress #ingress #ingressmeme #meme #portal #chipmunk

What is MY portal! ò.ó

How your Meme!

All Meme:

Feel free to circle me up or do you have any suggestion for a new Meme, than write it in a privat message to me, i will see that i can do ;)Read more

Think blue

Luis Barrientos
Artwork - Yesterday 7:34 PM

Join the resistance!
Think blue!



Roma Druzhinin
Artwork - 10:34 AM

There I Fixed It


Raesyra H
Artwork - 4:04 AM

August 14, 2013

Strange BEEhavior

Rolf Glaettli originally shared:

Our Bees start to brehave strange. I need help to investigate whats going on +Ingress #ingressinvite #ingress

Whats all the Buzz about?

Amy Sharp originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

I want to KNOW what all the buzz is about.

Hulk smash smurf.

August 6, 2013

blue portal tattoo

Cory Benzenhoefer originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

My new blue portal tattoo, designed and inked by fellow Ingresser+Ken Sprague at Fast Lane Tattoo in Tucson. Can't ever take this one from me, froggies! ^_^ (forgive the little blood spot, it's still fresh. More pics when it's healed I'm sure)

MK2 XM infused bottle opener

Carl Barker originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

The MK2 XM infused bottle opener


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