July 4, 2013


Sebastian P.Artwork - Yesterday 7:05 PM

That's called devotion.

Yep, that's an Enlightened logo.
Nope, not a fake. This is the actual tombstone of late+E.G. Steup, known as @Idschie, probably one of the first L8 Enlightened in germany.

Semper Fi, @Idschie!

Honouring him and mourning his sudden death, the whole city (~400 portals) was greyed out in a joint effort by more than 30 agents from both factions. Finally, two L8 memorial portals were set up at his former address, one Enlightened and one Resistance.
More on the event (in german) and pictures on .
#ripidschie #einekerzefueregsteup +Kira Kroger+Ingress +Brandon Badger +John Hanke +Anne Beuttenm├╝ller
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