May 29, 2013

Ingress ID

Anne BeuttenmüllerShared publicly - 1:40 PM

Look what I am holding in my hands! Awesome.

May 27, 2013

Pick a side

Andi Wildmann

Portal your pad

Saul ManzanoArtwork - Yesterday 2:24 PM

Mom's going to kill me

Mirek RuzickaArtwork - Yesterday 4:15 PM

lvl up 1->2 #ingress

Bad frog humor

Dave Brews

Duck tape solution for everthing

Lukáš Nový

Resistance printed badge

Logan Dorsey originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

The resistance will be printed.

May 24, 2013


ribbon sapphire originally shared:

ingress in the soup!


Walking Pattern

Kamon Hunt

Ingress currency

Avery Cannon originally shared to Ingress (COMM):

When everyone you know plays Ingress, regular money just doesn't cut it. A new form of currency is needed.

May 20, 2013

No smurfs

Per Abrahamsen

May 16, 2013

Best passcode ever

Markus WArtwork - May 13, 2013

GOGOGO - Quick ;-)

XM in its Solid State

Michael S. VoidFoxArtwork - Yesterday 3:28 PM

hm.. suspicious.. XM in its Solid State?
Since the last update it really sounds reasonable to store some of it in some hidden Location..
Or am I just playing too much and start seeing things O_o


Kevin Bryant originally shared to Ingress (Artwork):

The shapers are the green path to enlightment!


First level 8 to register at the ingress booth.

Submit me!

John Soo-Hoo
Yesterday 2:52 AM
This same picture could be used for:

"Why won't Niantic approve me as a portal?"


Brandon BadgerShared publicly - 6:17 AM

Ingress portals at the IO party light up based on faction control.


John Hanke originally shared:

Very cool Ingress player blew my mind today when they showed me this real tattoo.


+Ellen Cantor was right. +Ingress was just a plot to make geeks get exercise.

(This was even more explicitly confirmed by +Brandon Badger's talk.)

May 10, 2013

The Ingress Economy

Gordon Fletcher
The Ingress Economy - a visualisation of the current (hopefully) potential XM costs and AP gains.

Open your eyes

Joni Nevalainen

May 9, 2013

Face of the Enlightened

Ingress Austria - Enlightened originally shared this post:
We present: Mr. Enlightened #ingress #enlightened #iae


Shane Symons originally shared this post to Ingress (COMM):
Very Strange drop was Found by A3onFlux & Narra this morning in South Africa. It was a "key" filled with +600 lv 1 and 2 Resonators. Anyone else seen these?

May 6, 2013

Portal please

Brenda Curtis8:27 AM (edited) -
Community - Ingress (Artwork)

Please tell me there is a portal here.

Colorado Enlightened

Scott Jacobs originally shared this post:
I really do love my faction!

How portals are created.

Ok whats going on here?


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