April 17, 2013

Love Your resonators

Colin Wernham originally shared this post to Love London Ingress (Joyful Tips):
A public information announcement

Ingress business cards

Kane Shaw originally shared this post:
Designed by yours truly.
Have 500 of the cards.
Leaving them at each portal I capture ;) +Ingress
#ingress #ingressart #recruitinviteplease

Hack Aquired no items

Chris McGowen3:44 AM (edited) - Artwork

How I feel after I get "Hack aquired no items" after 3×300 sec

Resistance evolution

Robert Helou originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
Resistance evolution

Enlightenment :

#ingress #ingressresistance

Resistance Ingress Ascii art

Jonathon Frueh6:28 AM -
Community - Ingress (Resistance)

Overstock dump ;)

Jonathon Frueh10:07 AM

Actually it worked out well the first time through, there was maybe 5 minutes of picking up out of place items

two faces of ingress

Michael de Wilde originally shared this post:

April 16, 2013

Smurf eating monster

Jennifer Bailey originally shared this post:
I'm sorry I know I try and post pretty pics and/or something thoughtful but holy hell, I've been cracking up for the last five minutes :D

Frogs Legs snack

Frogs Legs snack of choice for all Resistance


Devon Peasley originally shared this post:
Today my family and I were celebrating when we heard an ear-splitting POP! that shook the house. I went outside to check on things and immediately smelled ozone and smoke. Before retreating back into the house I glanced to my left and saw a spray of water frozen in air(!) coming from a pipe clearly visible from a hemispherical pit. I rushed my family to a friend's house and returned to determine the cause of our disturbance. The air had cleared by that time which allowed me to approach the pit and investigate further. I found many peculiar things but most notably was this block of ice! Have others noticed unexplainable events happening to them? Did you need an #ingressinvite for your family to feel safe again? I want to do more but I need to protect them first!


Tim Mathews originally shared this post:
How about an #ingressinvite. I literally only need one.

Resistance HQ?

Stas OvskyYesterday 6:35 PM - Artwork

Unfortunately there is no green light.

Ingress ID card

Stefan B├ÂnickYesterday 9:56 PM - Artwork

Today I've finished the #Ingress ID card.

Will grant access to great power ... only 6 LVL to go.

Laser engraved, 3.0mm (0.12") acrylic glass.


potential portal

Pieter WintersYesterday 10:37 PM - Artwork

I just spotted a potential portal with an exceptionally high xm concentration. This was the closest I could get, it felt like there was lightning in the air...
#ingress #ingressinvite

(Note: this photo has not been edited!)

Sad Penguin

Shauna M. Jackson4:17 AM - Artwork

Sad Penguin


Kent Long9:46 AM (edited) - Artwork

From an Enlightened point-of-view, it's a bit silly to think you are a rebel fighting to "protect" yourself from being better.

April 15, 2013

drunk scanner

J CaswellYesterday 3:05 AM (edited) -

Dont look back

Kent LongYesterday 10:06 AM - Artwork

If you never open your mind and look, you will never know how far or how deep the world goes.

You wont be needing this

Kent LongYesterday 11:33 AM - Artwork

It is good to question your own beliefs. If they are valid, you reaffirm. If they are not valid, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself what is the right path. What SPECIFICALLY have the Enlightened given you to fear? What has the Resistance offered to IMPROVE?

Ingress wallpaper

Mason JuarezYesterday 8:10 PM - Artwork

Really loving this wallpaper on my chromebook :D

Green Lawn

Derek BedarfYesterday 8:37 PM - Artwork

Happy Spring Mowing Everyone!!
Green, green, everywhere. I love it!
Now if I only had some power cubes to keep the mower going...

Indoor portal

CyberLine originally shared this post:
I build my own indoor portal.

The power

sebastiaan stevensYesterday 10:32 PM - Artwork

even though I haven't gotten an invite yet, I'm patiently waiting, and even did some work on an old pic of mine to display the allegiance I'll take :)


Kent LongYesterday 11:10 PM - Artwork

"Shapers" powerful enough to control the behavior patterns of the subatomic particles in the CERN experiments would likely have little use for controlling us, fragile humans on our pale blue dot of a planet. But any group projecting and technical and artistic inspiration freely throughout the universe is worth considering as friendly before condemning as evil. If that group be evil overlords, surely there would be some sign of malevolence or red flag of warning. What if we hadn't discovered them?

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
― Ernest Hemingway
+Daniel Thompson believes I spend to much time on these messages. How much time should one spend on what they believe is right?


sebastiaan stevens1:19 AM (edited) - Artwork

Ah this knowledge, I don't yet have the code to decipher it, but it's making me make things!

hope you enjoy it ;)
any invite code is still extremely welcome
made for 1024x768 screens

Why no keys!

Steve Parkin5:29 AM (edited) - COMM

I think this sums it up nicely..


Matt Watterson

Resistance in Call of Duty

Kevin Kirby6:55 AM - Artwork

Resistance in Call of Duty

Ingress Ascii Art?

Thomas Scheer12:31 PM - Artwork

Dropping some stuff for beginners in Leipzig.


Kent Long12:57 PM -

Vote Green

Doug Gross3:24 PM - COMM

GET ELIGHTENED! We have vaguely disturbing erotic candy. #ingress #enlightened

April 2, 2013


Kasey SchusterMar 31, 2013 (edited) - Artwork

Now if only I could be activated!! +Ingress

XMP burst

Jason MurrayMar 31, 2013 - Artwork

It looks like +Niantic Project has been holding out on us.
Exactly what level does The Doctor have???
That XMP burst looks a bit beyond Level 8.

Ingress Egg

Krista HeathMar 31, 2013 - Artwork

Happy Easter! #ingres I found your easter egg sitting among those my family and I created. I can only conclude my desire to join them, and my frustration at not being able to - created this. Otherwise it's a mysterious message left by the easter bunny. Does he work for the resistance?

Ingress Milk makes an agent big and strong

Lupus YonderboyYesterday 1:14 AM (edited) - Artwork

My favourite breakfast.
(I'm already an agent, but if you should like it, #ingress +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenm├╝ller +Joe Philley... well, we're always in need of new recruits ^_^)

Cup cosie

Christian Setzefand originally shared this post:
Look Ingress, what my girlfriend did while waiting for her invitation code (and of course waiting for me returning from my hacking trip ^^).

Despite using smartphone gloves, my hands were extremely cold - I mentioned it to her, before I returned home. There she surprised me with this knitted cup and some hot tea in it. Isn't this lovely enough to get her an invitation code?



Thor KnaiYesterday 4:53 AM - Artwork

Just doodling in SimCity while I'm waiting (im)patiently for an #ingressinvite ! Does this look anything like your neighborhood over at +Niantic Project ?

Blue pancake

First try not really blue

Was it made from smurf juice i wonder

What I think I'm Doing


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