March 31, 2013


Ryan Bodenstein originally shared this post:
Forgot to post the pictures of the cookies that +Marissa German (agent name: sphynxz) made for me back when I made Level 8.

I ate them all in two days.


March 22, 2013

For the Clean agent

Bo Main  -  Artwork
Just found an anomaly in my shower... Is Niantic desperate for new agents? Mind altering chemicals hidden in shampoo is a pretty dirty tactic...


aurélien Toupet


Balázs Zsótér

Ingress moodlight

Florian Stichlberger  -  Artwork
Me and my brother finished our Arduino-powered Ingress moodlight today. Can we now have our Invites to start fighting, please?


Robin L. -  Artwork
So I ordered a small blue powerbank from Ebay and it came with something etched into it. I wonder what they wanted to tell me, do you have any idea?

Hack the Portals!

Nathan Quiring
+Ingress funnies, that last one hits a little close to home though, not having access to ingress isn't something to joke about

Agent on Board

Darko Bogdanovic  -  Artwork
Decided against the other car magnet design and will go with a subtle windows vinyl sticker instead.


Lucas Horn

March 20, 2013

XMP Miss fire

Hack it if you can

Pierluca Poscolere  -  Artwork
I would go on the moon to recive a ingress invite :-)

Ingress Gate

Francois Carabin originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
If I become a member of the #resistance  , I will do my best to capture this portal ;-)


by Nayshou


Jack Heath


Jack Heath


Jack Heath


by Jack Heath

Ingress Wall

by Michael Serra

Not Helping

by David Kokua

And then i said

Bradley Anderson -  Artwork
True story. It looked exactly like an unclaimed portal. I claimed it anyway.

Cyber World

Kamenashi Kazuya  -  Artwork
I have seen how a portal looks n always saw a globe like structure on it...
I some times think it might be looking lik this up close in the cyber world...


Kelly Webster  -  Artwork
Ingress is such a delicious game!
Can't wait to play...couldn't wait to eat birthday cake either.
Enlightenment all the way!

Ingress All Weather Gear

Celestial Elf  -  Artwork
Happy to have arrived at Level 7 over a very tiring weekend and thought id share my #Ingress Survival Kit tips

Changing World

Adam Dolsen originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
Watching the world change before my eyes. Just waiting for a chance to join the fight.

Enlightened soup

Colton Williams -  Artwork
My friend +Keith Dacey snapped this picture of his alphabet soup he was having at a restaurant in the historic district of downtown Savannah Georgia. I guess the XM just doesn't care if he doesn't have a code. Or maybe IT thinks he should have one...:)

Light them up

Sammy Dive originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
It's amazing what you can find these days in department stores. I'd love to have an invite to use this excellent product

Enlightened angle

Kamenashi Kazuya originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
When I saw this picture onl9 ...It felt as if I was calling towards me... Calling me for a purpose...Calling me to be #enlightened  ...
Yet again I went a lil overboard with the enlightened marks...But I cant help  it...
My heart Needs to be Enlightened...


Darko Bogdanovic originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
Ingress Uniform Idea

Ingess Head-up-Display

Andreas Wahl originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
Ingess Head-up-Display (Vision of the Future)

Drive in portals

Bradley Anderson originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
I was recently told by someone that Ingress is "pretty much a driving game..."

I imagined this would be their reaction when confronted with a really good hack that may require walking a whole entire 7 feet from their car to get within range.

Enlightened Girls

Art Pancharoen originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
My girlfriend. One of Enlightened Agent. She try to protect only one #ingress     Portal  in this island alone. I can't do anything without #ingressinvite    . She still can smile for now. But When the time of war has come. I hope to stand beside her and do our best for the future of the mankind with Shaper.


Tobias Löffler originally shared this post:
Take my hand, son. Its just a little step...thrust me..

Father.. you need to #ingressinvite me first..

My Little Ingress

special achievement
Giesji originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
My Little Ingress. Two fandoms in one!

Torre Civica glowing

+Mattia Vitturi  originally shared this post:
Past night I was walking through Bergamo, when I've seen the Torre Civica glowing of a green light, and a lot of small particles started to flow to it, from the sky. I tried to depict that strange phenomenon, but I hadn't any of the Enlightened #ingress devices to study more accurately that marvel. If I had an #ingressinvite I'm pretty sure I would be able to investigate about it. +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger

March 19, 2013

Enlightened Sky

Posted on G+ by Julien Meunier
Even the sky is calling me... All I need now is an

The future of Ingress

Posted on g+ by Stefan der Fux



posted on g+ by Giuseppe De Robertis

Defend at all Cost

Will cook for invite

Marty P.I. originally shared this post:
That's what happens if you're hungry and eagerly waiting for an #ingressinvite . Will cook for #ingress ;)

XM cookies

andreas stock originally shared this post to Ingress (Artwork):
This cookies contain a bunch of exotic matter and... Oh! Look! Smurfs are coming to obtain the cookies for themselves... 
I have to stop their intent! They shall not get any piece of XM... but without an activation code I have no chance to keep them away :(
Please help me to occupy the cookies!!


Studys show

Radius Greenhill posted on g+ Recently study shows what human really need.

Bad portal locations

3d printed xmp burster

posted on g+ by Atom Jaay
Been leaving these 3D printed XMP Bursters around my town where/when I drop an in game Burster. So far this has gone unnoticed and all are unclaimed.

Kiss a frog today


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